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New Orleans Charter Schools


Industry: Academic
Underlying Misconduct: Civil Rights
Matter Type: SEC Civil
Relevant Jurisdiction(s):
Penalties: Reimbursement of Investigative Costs and Attorney Fees
Fine Amount: $800,000
Reporting Agencies: Department of Education
Resolution Form: Consent Agreement
Agreement Date: March 27, 2015
Monitor Reference Term: Independent Monitor
Monitor Identity:
Monitorship Term:
Monitor Selection Process:

Within 30 days of implementation of Agreement, the Plaintiffs and State Defendants will exchange lists of at least three individuals they believe are qualified and available to serve in the capacity of the Independent Monitor. They will then have fourteen days to decide on a monitor. If a decision can not be made in fourteen days then the court will appoint a Monitor.

Time to Propose Monitors: Within 30 days
Time to Engage Monitor:
Time to First Report: 120 Days after agreement
Reporting Frequency: Semi-Annual
Monitor Required Qualifications:

The Monitor shall have appropriate experience, education, and training related to the subject areas covered in the Agreement.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

Assess the steps taken by the State Defendants and the Defendant-Intervenor to implement the agreement and evaluate the extent to which the State Defendants and the Defendant-Intervenor have complied with each substantive provision of the Agreement.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Reports will evaluate the state of compliance for each provision of the agreement. After reviewing pertinent documents to assess compliance, a judgement of substantial compliance or noncompliance will be given. The Monitor will describe the steps taken and the documents used to assess compliance.

Monitor's Restrictions:

Not Specified.

Documents Uploaded: New-Orleans-Charter-Schools-Consent-Agreement-Dec2014.pdf