In addition to the fixed Committees established under our Articles of Incorporation (i.e. Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, Code and Standards Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, etc.), IAICM establishes Committees of relevant experts associated with various areas of interest and relevance to IAICM's Mission/Purpose on an as-needed and on-going basis.  Such Committees are determined and created by the President and those serving on them need not be Members; however, Member participation is encouraged and welcomed.  Following are IAICM Committees presently under consideration (we welcome additional ideas):


  1. Study on "Prohibitions" of the Office of Government Ethics – The purpose of this Committee will be to conduct a study on whether or not the OGE prohibits a government agency from providing to an organization a pool of names of candidates of Monitors.  In the wake of a controversy regarding the appointment of Monitors in 2007 by a United States Attorneys Office, DOJ created a policy and instituted a practice whereby it no longer provides any names of potential Monitor candidates to organizations, even if requested.  Many other government agencies have followed DOJ's practice, citing, in particular, 5 C.F.R. §2635.702, as the reason.  The purpose of this Committee is to study and take a position on whether or not current OGE requirements apply or should apply in this particular context.


  1. Oversight Organization(s) Outreach Committee– The purpose of this Committee is to actively engage government agencies and oversight organizations that utilize or seek to utilize Monitors in discussions surrounding policies, standards, practices, issues, concerns, and other areas of relevance to the effective use of Corporate Monitors, as well as remain aware of emerging issues and/or trends.  This Committee will also seek to conduct non-public "round-tables" that bring various officials together to share ideas regarding the effective selection and use of Monitors.


  1. Training Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to determine Member training needs and design and deliver training, as appropriate.  As of now, IAICM does not intend to issue any certifications (e.g. Certified Independent Corporate Monitor), but does endeavor to meet its Members' training needs.  The Training Committee will also explore the need for and practicality of an Annual Conference.


  1. Public Outreach Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to provide public interest groups, lawmakers, the press/media, and others with relevant expert information on the topic of Corporate Monitors.  This Committee will also connect Members with such persons for purposes of interviews and presentations (i.e. panelists at conferences, etc.).


  1. Monitor Hotline Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to respond timely to "live" issues regarding Corporate Monitors.  This Committee will maintain an anonymous "Hotline" that Monitors (IAICM Members or not) and/or monitored organizations can call for advise on current issues.  While Monitors can call the Hotline for direction on standards, best-practices, or other experienced guidance on issues that may arise in the course of a Monitorship, the Hotline will also enable organizations experiencing difficulties with a Monitor to anonymously seek objective and experienced advice about their concerns.


  1. Trade, Member, and Industry Association Outreach Committee – The purpose of this Committee is to identify and establish relationships with trade, membership, and industry organizations directly or indirectly relevant to the practice of Corporate Monitoring and/or IAICM's Mission.


  1. Judicial Oversight Study — The purpose of this Committee is to monitor and study the emerging trend of Judicial oversight over deferred prosecution and other agreements between government entities and organizations that require a Monitor.