Board Members


International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors' (IAICM) leadership is dedicated to the mission and purposes of IAICM. Our board members represent a diverse and international group of professionals with Corporate Monitoring experience, devoted to championing the use of Corporate Monitors and continuously improving the effectiveness and accountability of those serving or seeking to serve as Corporate Monitors. They provide leadership and direction for IAICM as an organization by directing IAICM and championing its position as the thought leader and pre-eminent organization serving the practice of Corporate Monitoring.

IAICM’s Board consists of six (6) Founding Directors and three (3) Directors. Founding Directors, with the exception of one, serve a five (5) year initial term and Directors serve a three (3) year term. IAICM's Nominating Committee, which is composed of three (3) IAICM Members, is responsible for nominating IAICM Directors upon the expiration or relinquishment of a Director’s term.

In addition to our Board Members, IAICM's Board benefits from the knowledge and experience of experts who serve as Special Advisers to the Board. The Special Advisers to the Board cannot vote and have no oversight authority over IAICM, but help ensure that the Board is informed of current issues covering a broad array of areas of relevance to IAICM’s Mission and Membership.