Benefits of Membership

Members are individuals who meet IAICM’s Membership Qualifications, certify that they will abide by and uphold IAICM's Code of Professional Conduct, and are actively serving or offering their services as or in support of a Monitor.

Member benefits include:

  • Inclusion of Members’ names, credentials, and professional bios on IAICM's website and the ability to update that information at will;
  • Website access to IAICM's Member Resources Library (information is in development and will not be available to the public), such as, but not limited to:
    • Agreement templates
    • Engagement Letter templates
    • Workplan templates
    • Report templates
    • Presentations (e.g. as used in speeches)
    • Tips and ideas
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • An informal sharing area (i.e chat room) for relevant questions and/or discussion with other Members only
  • Ability to contribute to IAICM's Member Resources Library;
  • Training opportunities;
  • Contributing to the growth and understanding of the practice of Corporate Monitoring through opportunities to participate in IAICM’s various committees, research, thought leadership, and work in support of our mission and purpose;
  • Access to subject matter experts for questions;
  • Avenues to publish – newsletter, blog, press interview requests, etc…;
  • Use of IAICM's Logo in professional bios and other written materials;
  • Speaking opportunities; and
  • Networking/Business Development opportunities.

Membership fees are paid annually on May 1st (pro-rated upon admission) and are $450/yr.