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Ohio Department of Education


Industry: Government
Underlying Misconduct: Other
Matter Type: Other
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): Washington, DC
Fine Amount: N/A
Reporting Agencies: Department of Education
Resolution Form: Other
Agreement Date: September 14, 2016
Monitor Reference Term: Independent Monitor
Monitor Identity: Unknown
Monitorship Term:
Monitor Selection Process:

Not specified. Reporting Agency will monitor and approve the selection process.

Time to Propose Monitors: N/A
Time to Engage Monitor: N/A
Time to First Report: N/A
Reporting Frequency:
Monitor Required Qualifications:

None specified.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

To perform periodic "agreed upon procedures" that address the major areas of program implementation risk, including procedures for monitoring and reporting of expenditures of the SEA and subgrantees. Work with the Reporting Agency to support Host Organization's efforts to develop accountability systems and structures that support the growth of high-quality charter schools and that hold authorizers, charter schools, and management organizations accountable.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Scope of "agreed upon procedures" used to be developed by Host Organization in a process monitored by the Reporting Agency.

Monitor's Restrictions:

Costs of Monitor not to exceed $250,000 per year. No other restrictions noted.

Documents Uploaded: Ohio-Dept-of-Education-DOE-AA-14Sept2016.pdf