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DSD Shipping, AS


Industry: Transportation
Underlying Misconduct: Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships
Matter Type: Suspension & Debarment
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): Washington, DC
Penalties: Fine, Restitution
Fine Amount: $2,000,000
Reporting Agencies: Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Court
Resolution Form: Administrative Agreement
Agreement Date: August 22, 2016
Monitor Reference Term: Independent Monitor
Monitor Identity: Unknown
Monitorship Term: 3 Years
Monitor Selection Process:

Host Organization to provide Monitor's name, telephone number, email address, current position, resume, copy of engagement letter, certification of independence, and summary of quals to EPA. Submit same information if Monitor is changed.

Time to Propose Monitors: 30 days
Time to Engage Monitor:
Time to First Report: 10 mos
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Monitor Required Qualifications:

Necessary education, experience, and training to determine Host Organization's compliance with Agreement. Shall be qualified to evaluate compliance with the terms of Agreement, including the Environmental Compliance Plan and the Self-Governance and Business Ethics Program.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

Serves as an independent check upon Host Organization's compliance with the Agreement.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Review Host Organization's reports per Agreement and certify whether or not Host Organization has complied with the terms of the Agreement. Perform an annual review of the Agreement, reports, supporting docs, and any other docs required under Agreement and submit findings on compliance. Perform on-site audits.

Monitor's Restrictions:

Monitor may not be an agent of Host Organization or EPA and must be independent of each. May have no business relationship with Host Organization. No post-monitorship restrictions noted in Agreement. Reports to be issued directly to EPA without first discussing proposed conclusions with Host Organization.

Documents Uploaded: DSD-Shipping-EPA-AA-22Aug2016.pdf
Other Relevant Information: DSD-Shipping-Court-Order.pdf