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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.


Industry: Manufacturing
Underlying Misconduct: Occupational Safety and Health Act
Matter Type: DOJ Civil
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): Washington, DC
Penalties: Civil Penalties
Fine Amount: $1,750,000
Reporting Agencies: Department of Labor
Resolution Form: Settlement Agreement
Agreement Date: June 3, 2016
Monitor Reference Term: Consultant
Monitor Identity: Unknown
Monitorship Term: 2 Years
Monitor Selection Process:

Host Organization to submit credentials of third party consultants within 30 days to OSHA. OSHA has 15 days to review and approve/reject. If rejected, OSHA has 20 days to nominate 3 persons acceptable to it. If none are acceptable to Host Organization, parties to confer. Host Organization may replace at any time, with notice to OSHA, with another consultant acceptable to OSHA, subject to Agreement terms. If at any time it is found consultant is not effectively executing its responsibilities, OSHA to be notified and parties to confer.

Time to Propose Monitors: 30 days
Time to Engage Monitor: 45 days
Time to First Report: 6 Mos.
Reporting Frequency: Quarterly
Monitor Required Qualifications:

None specified; however, context of Agreement would require expertise in safety and hazards consistent with OSHA requirements/violations.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

Complete monitoring visits of Host Organization's facilities (as specified in Agreement). Conducts confidential interviews of non-managerial employees and conduct testing/audits. Monitors Host Organization's compliance with its "Interim and Final abatement measures" (as per Agreement).

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

On-site visits, audits, interviews. Reports deficiencies to management, with recommendations. Reports to OSHA as per Agreement schedule - not quarterly: 6 mos, 9 mos, 15 mos, and 21 mos.

Monitor's Restrictions:

None specified.

Documents Uploaded: Ashley-Furniture-DOL-SA-3June2016.pdf