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Welcome to the Public Resource Center of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM).

The IAICM has collected a vast amount of publicly available information relevant to the practice and topic of corporate monitoring. From key government policy documents to actual Agreements requiring Monitors, the Public Resource Center makes them easy to search and find. Though we endeavor to include in our repository all publicly available Agreements requiring a Monitor, please understand that many Agreements are never made public or available and may therefore not be found in our repository.

Our search engine may be very helpful to those interested in researching the topic of corporate monitoring. Interested in identifying all known Monitorships by a particular agency, underlying misconduct, or during a particular time frame? Our search engine not only identifies these in our repository, but presents, in one easy-to-read screen, the relevant publicly available information and supporting documents for each identified Agreement.

When searching our Public Resource Center, please keep in mind that Corporate Monitors are referred to by many names, which we have captured in accordance with that used in the Agreements within our repository, including, but not limited to: Independent Corporate Monitor, Compliance Monitor, Compliance Consultant, Independent Auditor, Third-Party Accountant, Special Compliance Official, Independent Ethics Reviewer, Corporate Monitor and Monitor.

Similarly, Agreements requiring Monitors are referred to by many names, which we have also captured in accordance with the name of the Agreements within our Public Resource Center, including, but not limited to: Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Non Prosecution Agreement, Plea Agreement, Pre-Trial Diversion Agreement, Court Order, Administrative Agreement, Consent Agreement, Consent Order, Negotiated Resolution Agreement, Compliance Agreement, Settlement Agreement, and Corporate Integrity Agreement.

We are continuously adding new Agreements and resources to our Public Resource Center – not just new Agreements that are made public, but historical Agreements and resources collected over nearly a decade. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please try again at a later date or email us at Repository@IAICM.org and we’ll do our best to help you find what you are looking for.

Also, though we scour the Internet constantly for new information to add to our repository, we also welcome contributions from our visitors. If you would like to submit a publicly available document for consideration in our repository, please email us at Repository@IAICM.com.