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Park Tudor School


Underlying Misconduct: Misprision of a Felony
Matter Type: DOJ Criminal
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): USAO - Southern District of Indiana
Fine Amount:
Reporting Agencies:
Resolution Form: Deferred Prosecution Agreement
Agreement Date: November 14, 2016
Monitor Reference Term: Consultant
Monitor Identity: John D. Tinder
Monitorship Term: 2 Years
Monitor Selection Process:

Monitor was engaged by Host Organization prior to Agreement, in response to the misconduct ("Proactive Monitor"). Reporting Agency allowed same person to serve as the Monitor under the Agreement. Normal DOJ selection process policy was not applied.

Time to Propose Monitors: N/A
Time to Engage Monitor: N/A
Time to First Report: N/A
Reporting Frequency:
Monitor Required Qualifications:

Monitor had been engaged privately by the Host Organization prior to the Agreement, but was allowed to serve in the role as per the Agreement. The name of the Monitor was included in the Agreement. No qualifications were specified by the Agreement. Note: reporting frequency was "when requested" under the Agreement.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

To ensure the Host Organization's ongoing compliance with its policies and all laws impacting child safety.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Not specified in the Agreement.

Monitor's Restrictions:

Monitor may not be employed by any law firm providing legal services to Host Organization and should have no personal ties to Host Organization, other than the services provided by the Monitor (e.g., the Monitor should not be related to anyone who attends the school).ยท

Documents Uploaded: Park-Tudor-School-DOJ-DPA-14Nov2016.pdf

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