Directory of Matters

Administration for Children's Services - New York


Underlying Misconduct: Other
Matter Type: Other
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): New York
Fine Amount:
Reporting Agencies: NY Office of Children and Family Services
Resolution Form: Other
Agreement Date: December 13, 2016
Monitor Reference Term: Independent Monitor
Monitor Identity: Kroll Associates
Monitorship Term:
Monitor Selection Process:

Not specified.

Time to Propose Monitors: Not Specified
Time to Engage Monitor: 30 days
Time to First Report: 60 days
Reporting Frequency: Monthly
Monitor Required Qualifications:

None noted.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

Evaluate all policies, practices and procedures and determine the reasons for the failures in the handling of high-risk cases to follow basic protocols.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Information obtained from public investigation report. No actual Agreement is yet available.

Monitor's Restrictions:

None noted.

Documents Uploaded: Admin-for-Childrens-Services-NYOCFS-Dec-2016.pdf

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