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Xe Services, LLC


Industry:Government Contracting
Underlying Misconduct: International Traffic in Arms
Matter Type: Suspension & Debarment
Relevant Jurisdiction(s): Not Applicable
Penalties: Civil Penalties, Fine
Fine Amount: $42,000,000
Reporting Agencies: Department of State
Resolution Form: Consent Agreement
Agreement Date: August 18, 2010
Monitor Reference Term: Special Compliance Official
Monitor Identity: Wendy Wysong
Monitorship Term: 3 Years
Monitor Selection Process:

Xe to nominate a person. Requires written approval of the Director, DTCC.

Time to Propose Monitors: 60 Days
Time to Engage Monitor: 75 Days
Time to First Report: 6 Months
Reporting Frequency: Semi-Annual
Monitor Required Qualifications:

A "qualified" individual (not defined). Cannot have been employed in any prior capacity by or previously represented Xe or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, past or present, in any capacity.

Summary of Monitor's Scope:

Three principal areas of responsibility, which are too large for summary here. Please see Paragraph 16 of the Consent Agreement.

Summary of Monitor's Activities:

Activities were significant - please see Consent Agreement for full details.

Monitor's Restrictions:

No future employment or representation of Xe "for all time"

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Other Relevant Information:,

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