Special Advisers

Special Advisers advance and maintain IAICM’s thought leadership in the field of Corporate Monitoring by lending their time, talents, and experience to important issues and areas relevant to Corporate Monitoring.

As needed, IAICM Special Advisers are appointed by IAICM’s President, Board, or Board Committees, and need not be IAICM Members.  While acting as such, Special Advisers cannot serve on IAICM’s Board, have no voting rights or oversight authority, and may not serve in any fiduciary capacity for IAICM.

A Special Adviser may be a federal or state government employee so long as their service is approved through appropriate government ethics channels, and such service is in conformance with laws and regulations governing such service in the capacity as an adviser.  A Special Adviser who is a federal government or state government employee may become an IAICM Member in his or her personal capacity only upon qualification and application, and may not serve in any fiduciary capacity such as serving as an officer, director, trustee, or partner.  A Special Adviser who is a government employee may not be compensated in any manner for his or her advisory role with IAICM.