About Us


International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM) is a 501(C)(6) Not for Profit Membership Organization dedicated to educating the public on the topic of Independent Corporate Monitors (“Monitors”) and advancing the use of and quality of service of those individuals serving or seeking to serve as Monitors.

The purposes of IAICM are to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring, to be a recognized thought-leader in the field of Corporate Monitoring, to make available information on Corporate Monitoring to the public, and to provide high quality, relevant information, resources and training to professionals and others practicing in the area of Corporate Monitoring.


IAICM seeks to:

  • Educate and inform the public about the practice of Corporate Monitoring;
  • Promote and advance the use of Corporate Monitors and the practice of Corporate Monitoring;
  • Promote the effective use and accountability of Monitors through standards, training, and best practices;
  • Facilitate greater communication and uniformity among Reporting Agencies regarding policies and practices associated with the effective selection and use of Monitors; and
  • Provide venues through which IAICM Members may network and otherwise have access to relevant resources and information relevant to their Corporate Monitoring practice(s).


To achieve our objectives and fulfill our mission and purpose, IAICM will:

  • Establish, publish and promote:
    • Best practices/standards for Monitors (IAICM's Code of Professional Conduct)
    • Practical and tactical strategies, resources, and advice
  • Track and communicate legal and business issues involving Monitors;
  • Represent and promote our Members’ interests in relevant emerging legislative, political, regulatory, policy, and enforcement trends;
  • Establish and maintain a website:
    • To provide information, resources, links, relevant upcoming events, educational materials, articles, and other relevant and useful information to the public and Members;
    • To provide private fora for Members to share information, ideas, best practices, business opportunities, and network; and
    • Where government agencies, oversight organizations, in-house counsel, external counsel, compliance & ethics professionals, the corporate community, and the public-at-large can find a list of prospective candidates for Corporate Monitorships.
  • Promote and advance the engagement and understanding of corporate Monitors by educating the public, peers, government parties, legislators, corporate boards and executives, attorneys, and other interested parties about the purposes, roles, and benefits of Monitors.