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Welcome to the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM)

IAICM is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit member organization established in 2015 and headquartered in Virginia, in the greater Washington DC area.  IAICM is an organization of professionals dedicated to educating the public on the topic of Independent Corporate Monitors (“Monitors”) and advancing the use and quality of service of those individuals serving or seeking to serve as Monitors.

The purposes of IAICM are to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring, to be a recognized thought-leader in the field of Corporate Monitoring, to make available information on Corporate Monitoring to the public, and to provide high quality, relevant information, resources and training to professionals and others practicing in the area of Corporate Monitoring.

IAICM's Code of Professional Conduct is an invaluable resource for standards and best practices for those serving or seeking to serve as a Monitor.  Indirectly, the Code also suggests best practices for Reporting Agencies and Host Organizations considering or using Monitors.  All Members of IAICM must certify that they will abide by and uphold the IAICM Code, providing both a guide and a performance measuring stick for Host Organizations, Reporting Agencies, and the public-at-large.

The mysteriousness of Corporate Monitoring is enhanced by the difficulty in obtaining information on the topic.  A person studying Corporate Monitoring not only must collect information from a wide variety of sources, but may also have great difficulty identifying reliable and relevant sources.

IAICM's Public Resource Center helps address this by making available to the public the only repository of information on Corporate Monitoring.  From key government policy documents to actual Agreements requiring Monitors, the Public Resource Center makes them easy to search and find.  Interested in identifying all known Monitorships by a particular agency, underlying misconduct, or during a particular time frame?  Our search engine helps visitors not only identify these in our repository, but presents, in one easy-to-read screen, the relevant information and supporting documents for each matter in our repository.

All IAICM Members have qualifications that suggest they possess the breadth and depth of relevant skills, knowledge, and experience, together with reputation of character, to effectively serve as an Independent Corporate Monitor consistent with IAICM’s Code of Professional Conduct.  To facilitate the needs of those considering candidates for a Monitorship, finding a speaker on the topic, seeking guidance, or simply doing research, all IAICM Members are publicly listed on this site, along with each Member’s relevant contact and professional information.

For press reporters, academics, conference planners, or others seeking information, interviewees, or speakers on the practice of Corporate Monitoring, you may also email us at Information@IAICM.org.   After learning of your needs, we will facilitate an introduction to those Members best suited to help you.

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Agility Public Warehousing Company Underlying Misconduct: False Claims
Davita Inc. Underlying Misconduct: Other
GOAL International Underlying Misconduct: Anti-Corruption
ZTE Corporation Underlying Misconduct: False Statements, Obstruction of Justice, Unlawful Export
Wood Group PSN, Inc. Underlying Misconduct: Clean Water Act, False Statements
Enbridge Inc. Underlying Misconduct: Other
Deutsche Bank AG - 2017 Underlying Misconduct: Money Laundering
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Underlying Misconduct: Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968, Obstruction of Justice
Western Union Financial Services, Inc. Underlying Misconduct: Money Laundering, Wire Fraud
Rolls Royce Plc Underlying Misconduct: UK Bribery Act